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This is a great event and not to be missed. Great line up of speakers and networking opportunities.

Head of Audit and Risk

The Audit and Risk Conference on 5-6 November is our two-day event for people who want to future proof their housing association. We'll look at how organisations can mitigate the impact of economic turbulence on themselves, residents and suppliers. We'll ask what we should expect from a possible new government in a year that could bring significant change nationally and globally.

The Audit and Risk conference includes expert speakers, roundtables and opportunities to network and share thoughts with colleagues. You'll hear from the Regulator and hear opinions on the Sector Risk Profile and Comprehensive Spending Review. You will have the chance to bring your challenges and solutions to a national forum and chart a path forward.

If you're responsibly for looking into the future at your housing association, this is the event for you.

What did we discuss at last year's conference?

Audit and Risk 2023 inspired some fascinating debate and discussion. The Regulator of Social Housing's presence was greatly appreciated when discussing the Sector Risk Profile, consumer standards and regulatory grading. Ian Wardle, A2Dominion Group and Richard Blakeway, Housing Ombudsman discussed with sensitivity and openness what can be learnt from severe maladministration findings.

At the end of day one, BBC Technology Editor, Zoe Kleinman, provided amazing insights into what artificial intelligence can do, how quickly it's evolving, and what opportunities there are for the sector. She mentioned ways in which it could help the sector's communication with and support of residents and reminded the audience why it is important to get data organised and ready.

Ben Shimshon, Think Insight and Strategy joined the NHF's Kate Henderson on day two to provide invaluable political insights on the public's perception of housing along with a interesting look at the demographic break down of public support for social housing.

We finished the conference with a fascinating discussion on resilience risk and the human cost of the last few years of upheaval. Louise Beauchamp from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health discussed how the college has revamped its people strategy and reconnected to its core purpose. The panel discussion focused on how to balance staff mental health and support alongside keeping residents at the heart of the organisation was an appropriate way to bring the conference to a close.

About the event

An enjoyable event with up-to-date and relevant sessions and good speakers.

Chair of Audit and Risk
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